Why REGULAR massage?

The truth is, you cannot survive on your own. You eat well, you exercise and yet you might find you are still not sleeping well or recovering like you use to. Your body is extremely good at healing itself, and if it can’t do that, it will normalize the deficiency by masking it. This masking is often manifested through lethargy and pain. This lethargy and pain can often stay “stuck” in your body and without the correct manual therapy to help release these ailments the body can then compensate with a range of health issues such as high blood pressure, inflammation, pain or high blood sugar.

The body needs a few things to survive well:

  1. Movement
  2. Good nutrition & hydration
  3. Manual therapy & touch

I get it, massages in Australia can be expensive. The thought of spending $80-100 on an hour’s worth of work can be a little daunting. However, you don’t get to choose another body – you’re stuck with this one! With increase in busy and stressful lifestyles, something usually has to be sacrificed and unfortunately its often your health!

There’s one unique thing that happens during a massage that cannot be replicated by a machine, a massage ball or a foam roller. It’s called CONNECTION. This connection between two human beings is imperative for survival. A 2015 study from Brigham University showedsocial isolation, loneliness and living alone can increase mortality risk by 29%, 26%, and 32% respectively! This is just as destructive to your health as smoking & obesity!

There is one major key connection hormone at play here, that is, OXYTOCIN aka the love drug. You may have heard me mention this before as it is released through touch and human interaction.

This leads me to one of the many reasons to get REGULAR massage:

  1. Reduce stress & anxiety
    • Massage can reduce cortisol aka the STRESS hormone and if you’ve already guessed it, it has partly to do with the fact that oxytocin the LOVE hormone is being produced.
    • Live a highly stressful lifestyle? Massage can help with that!
  2. Increases Immunity
    • So $80-100 may be costly as a per hourly rate, but what if it could replace that hefty pain medication, high blood pressure medication bill? Long term, regular massage can be more beneficial for reducing blood pressure among many other health issues
  3. Prevent Injury
    • Do you rely on physical labor for work? How long do you anticipate you will need to keep working for? Regular massage can help prevent injury through keeping soft tissues adaptable so postural variations do not cause injury.
    • If you’re a gym goer or play sport, it is important to remember your muscles will recover quicker when coupled with massage

This list could go on and on…

We are adaptive creatures and our body’s adapt to the environments extremely well. If you want to invest in your health, invest in some kind of manual therapy. I talk a lot about massage in this article but there are so many different ways that a hands on therapist can help your health with something so simple like TOUCH. Find a good manual therapist who is really genuinely motivated to do the best for you and that $80-100 is an INVESTMENT in your health.Remember not to just make your diet & exercise a priority – add TOUCH to your list!


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