Why massage? Top 5 Health Benefits

Massage has been around for a number of years, however, people are still unsure exactly what it’s good for other than relaxation. Remedial & sports massage can be effective not only for the psychological benefits but also a range of other health benefits.

Here are the top 5 Health Benefits of Remedial Massage:

  1. Increase Immune System Function – your body needs a certain level of lymphocytes to fight off infections – massage is effective in increasing the activity level of these natural white cells. Studies show that those who received a 45-minute massage increased their levels of lymphocytes.
  2. Pain relief – pain can negatively affect a person’s quality of life and reduce recovery time from injury or illness. Massage is extremely effective in relieving pain both physically & psychologically through its ability to produce hormones to assist the body in a natural healing process.
  3. Improving Physical Fitness – massage is effective in reducing pain and muscle tension thus it is also effective in preventing injury. The longer and more effectively you can train and exercise means you are more like to remain fit and active
  4. Lower Stress –  massage therapy has been proven to reduce stress levels particularly by reducing a hormone called cortisol. A 60-minute massage will bring your awareness back into your body and allow you to breathe deeply and let tensions go.
  5. Improve Sleep – massage allows your body to regulate cortisol & dopamine levels which, in turn, allows you to better regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Most of the time we are in a heightened state of stress, never really fully relaxing, even whilst sleeping – people often wake up feeling tired and lethargic. After a massage sleep quality is improved because there has been a hormonal change within the body, muscle tension is lessened and the body is able to relax more deeply.

So, make the investment in yourself – self-care is important not only for longevity by also the quality of your life. Regular massage can help you function better and get the most out of your life!

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