Why does massage feel SO good?

Your skin is your largest organ – treat it well and you can change your chemistry through massage.  So what effect does massage have on hormones?

• ?? Increase DOPAMINE • affects joy & enthusiasm. If you’re lacking in dopamine you may be clumsy, unmotivated and have poor focus

• ?? Increase SEROTONIN • Serotonin regulates behaviour and emotions including cravings for sex & food. Low serotonin can cause trouble sleeping and low mood

• ?? Stimulate or Reduce EPINEPHRINE (aka ADRENALINE) • a 15 minute massage, depending on techniques, can stimulate your adrenal gland to produce adrenaline that makes you feel more alert and stimulated. A longer, slower and extended massage can allow your to relax and thus reduce your adrenaline production

• ?? Increase OXYTOCIN • the love drug! This hormone is released during skin to skin touch. This allows for feeling a attachment

• ?? Decrease CORTISOL • the stress hormone! We are constantly on the go in “fight mode” and this produces a large amount of cortisol via the adrenal gland. Ever had adrenal fatigue? A reduction in cortisol will allow you to sleep better, recover more quickly and allow your body to do what it’s natural meant to do, which is align and heal itself.

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