Prioritise your RECOVERY

Are you trying to get stronger? Or are you trying to get faster or better at a particular skill?

Perhaps you’re going for a big lift, or you’re training for your next race. Is your priority your training, or is it your recovery?

Your brain & body are hardwired for continual growth, they are constantly learning and adapting. However, your brain & body cannot develop if you don’t have enough adequate quality recovery.

Your brain& body develop during the recovery phase, during sleep. If your sleeping pattern is off due to high stress hormones (cortisol), then your ability to grow and recover is stunted. Massage is one of the ways you can recover faster and more efficiently by allowing your body to fully relax during & after the treatment. If you want to excel at anything, you need to recover effectively. If some form of manual therapy is not part of your recovery routine – it ought to be!

Sleep better, recover faster, perform better!

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