Motion Monday #1

Welcome to Motion Monday’s. Motion Monday’s is a little list of a few things I’m digging right now that are keeping me growing and learning both as a human being and a therapist.

What I am reading at the moment: Born to Walk – James Earls. The ability to walk upright is often something all of us take for granted. James explores the mystery of our evolution by describing in depth the mechanisms that allow us to be efficient in bipedal gait. I highly recommend this for therapists wanting to learn more about how people place themselves in this world.

What I’m learning: Anatomy Trains Structural Integration for Manual Therapists – focus on long term structural change.

Podcast listening: Barbell Shrugged – Biohacking with Dave Asprey #272, if you have heard of bulletproof or want to learn about bulletproof lifestyle then this is the podcast for you. From keto to controlling your biology & environment.

Movement rocking my body: rocking push ups! Progressing from a ‘on all fours’ position to a push-up and back.

Essential Oil I’m burning: Geranium. Keeps me alert and cognitively sharp whilst smells great.

Who I’m following at the moment: Gary Lineham – Human Garage. Next level alignment of body, mind & soul. Highly recommend you check out Gary on The Bledsoe Show Podcast #26 to see what he’s all about.

Quote guiding me this week: “You only lose what you cling to” – Buddha

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