Motion Monday #2

Welcome to Motion Mondayís. Motion Mondayís is a little list of a few things Iím digging right now that are keeping me growing and learning both as a human being and a therapist.

What I am reading at the moment: Head Strong – Dave Asprey. Dave discusses the difference between craving & hunger and how to shut it down. He also explains the keto diet and how it can help improve your mood, body and cognitive function.

What Iím learning: Anatomy Trains in Motion – how movement can heal the body and how to train the body to be both functional and efficient in its use of energy.

Podcast listening: ATP Science Podcast – Intermittent Fasting. How it can impact your health positively and allow you to perform better.

Movement rocking my body: 5 Minute Flow – Max Shank. Just search #5minuteflow, move all your joints. I do this every morning and it helps me prepare for the day.

Essential Oil Iím burning: Peppermint. Improves energy levels and mental clarity.

Who Iím following at the moment: Dr. Jen Esquer @docjenfit. Amazing moves and some helpful instructional videos!

Quote guiding me this week: ďLet the improvement of yourself keep you so busy that you have no time to criticise others Ē

Have a fantastic week!

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