Key benefits of Structural Bodywork

What is Structural Bodywork?


Structural Bodywork (from Anatom Trains Structural Integration) is a type of manual therapy and sensory education for your body that aims to improve human biomechanical functioning as a whole rather than treatment of a particular symptom.


Developed in the mid to late 20th century by the late Ida Rolf. Ida’s ideology surrounded her belief that due to gravity’s unrelenting force, the human structures (aka FASCIA) must adapt accordingly throughout the life-cycle.


Spend most of your day at a desk? You’ll adapt to a seated position. Stand all day? You’ll adapt to a lengthened standing position. Spend most of your day upside down doing handstands? Your tissues will change to suit this position!


Sometimes we can get “stuck” in these positions. When we try something new, in a different position, the body is weak and injuries often occur, pain, muscles tears, bulged discs etc.

Benefits of Structural Bodywork:

  1. It is ALWAYS personalized – no two treatments are the same
    • We are unique just like our posture, Structural Bodywork sessions are tailored to each individual client
  2. Conserves energy making movement effortless
    • This may lead to increased power, stability and strength during exercise
  3. Aligns the body
    • Alignment allows an ease and fluidity in movement
  4. Deeper and fuller breath
    • Breathing also becomes effortless – deeper breaths can be taken with little effort and tall and open posture is easily maintained to allow for ongoing open breath
  5. Reduces stress & tension within the body
    • Some massages may leave you feeling groggy and spacey depending on intention. Structural Bodywork often allows the client to feel lighter and energized post treatment

Structural Bodywork is refined, intentional touch that may assist the body to move more freely and adapt to different positions. If gravity is defining you, what shape is your body most comfortable in?


Our Remedial Therapist, Sophia  is one of the few therapists in Adelaide trained in Structural Bodywork. If you would like to know more – get in contact!


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