Insane FACTS about FASCIA

If you haven’t heard the term or you have heard it LOTS and you still have no clue what its about, take a read of my blog post  or watch this clip for a more simplistic explanation.

Fascia is really the “forgotten scaffold” of the body. Let’s nut out a few interesting facts about fascia:

  1. There are SIX to TEN times more machanoreceptors in fascia than in muscle tissues
    • This means your fascia is WAY more sensitive to touch and it can detect mechanical sensations and differences in pressure
  2. Mood influences fascia
    • From The Endless Web: Fascial Anatomy and Physical Reality (North Atlantic 1996) – “The physical response to emotion is through the soft tissue…the fascia is the emotional body. . . . Ideally, feelings are felt in the total body—emotions travel through the fascial web. We then interpret the physiological sensation as anger, affection, love, interest and so forth. . . . The reason your neck can’t straighten and lengthen may be because of the shock of being continually bullied in childhood. Physical work will only partially open that problem unless there is recognition that there may be an emotional origin.”
  3. Fascia is multi-layered
    • Fascia has superficial and deep layers, depending on the amount of pressure applied determines which layers are targeted.
  4. Healthy fascia distributes load evenly
    • Fascia can become “stuck” and prevent the load distribution which in turn causes pain
  5. Recoil allows for ‘free energy’
    • The fascial tissues load and un-load. They allow the body to use what we call “recoil” to act similar to a rubber band or spring to propel the body in one direction
  6. Fascia takes twice as long to heal and adapt than muscle
    • Your muscles may be growing but your fascial system is still catching up. Often times athletes or people trying new loaded sports such as Crossfit or weightlifting find that after 12-18 months they get injured or feel sluggish in their training.
    • Recovery is KEY! Read my article here 
  7. Fascia connects us head to toe
    • You are not made up of lots of different muscles that work independently. You are connected by connective tissue. Just like we cannot live with some kind of symbiosis with our external environment, our internal environment is the same. Move more often and move ALL of your body!



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