Structural Integration vs. Remedial Massage

Should you book a Structural Integration or a Remedial session? And what are the differences? There are many different manual therapy treatments for individuals. At Muscle Sense we specialize in Remedial Massage and Structural Integration – two very different treatments. Here are the main differences between Remedial Massage and Structural Integration: Remedial Massage Therapy (RMT) …

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Massage & Cardiovascular Disease

Australia spends $28.6 billion dollars each year on health. This includes $3 BILLION in hospitals, $5.5 BILLION on dental care, and $11 BILLION on medications. The TOP 3 medications dispensed in 2015-2016 in Australia include: Atorvastatin:A cholesterol-lowering medication to lower the risk of heart attack and stroke RosuvastatinUsed to treat high-cholesterol and reduce the risk …

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