Sophia Breust


I’m Sophia, a Remedial Massage Therapist, Registered Nurse and Structural Integration Practitioner. I help active men and women with poor movement patterns and pain move more effectively through what’s known as Structural Integration (SI). I have a passion and a strong drive to allow my clients to explore the best versions of themselves – this exploration is possible through SI bodywork. I do not treat symptoms, I treat postural patterns and attempt to get people experiencing their bodies differently by feeling a sense of openness they may have not felt in a long time.

I have nursed for over 8 years, and I have been a qualified Remedial Massage therapist for over 3 years.  I now practice what’s called Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI). I truly believe in the transformative power of ATSI and it’s ability to improve self-awareness, improve movement patterns and engage people to explore themselves.

I was inspired to start SI work due to the fact I was having particular niggles in my own body after a few years of intense Weightlifting in my shoulders, knees and hips, they wouldn’t go away. I struggled to find a therapist who explained to me the reason why I was having recurrent injury. All I knew was I had inflammation in my shoulder and my knee. My physiotherapist was a bit stumped, he didn’t know what to do but pointed me in the direction of a book called Anatomy Trains. This is where I found Anatomy Trains Structural Integration and I knew this was what was missing – after experiencing the full Structural Integration 12-Series my little niggles resolved and I was moving with coordination and flow for the first time in my life.

Good bodywork, whether it be physiotherapy, chiropractic or massage should create long term change. Although I love my clients, I don’t want to see them weekly for the same niggling issue! I have always had a drive to find the most effective treatments to give my clients change within their body so they move better and feel better long term. This means looking beyond your shoulder, back, hip or knee pain and assessing your body as a whole functioning unit.

You are unique just as your treatments should be. Structural Integration puts you back in the drivers seat of your body so you can experience life to its full potential – pain free.

Lorena Bailey

I started out my working life by following my dream of training horses for racing and equestrian sports, managing a rural enterprise in my 20s. Economic and personal circumstances in the early 90s drove a dramatic change of life path and re-education in Hospitality Management and Food Technology. Eventually leading  to a start up business in food manufacturing for wholesale and retail markets that expanded nationally.

After the sale of this business, now based on the East Coast, I transitioned to Food Product Development and Retail Marketing Consultancy on behalf of major grocery chains, working with manufacturers entering private label agreements.

A late start in marriage and a family of my own brought me back to SA where I continued in Product Development/Key Account Management roles in food industry until my Mum was diagnosed with cancer.

Mum’s cancer diagnosis and early treatment coincided with my husband’s onset of Lymphoedema. The problematic treatment of my loved ones’ conditions drove me to seek better understanding of the underlying causes and better solutions, initiating my learning journey to better health

I obtained a Diploma of Remedial Massage provided a professional entry pathway and helped to guide and connect me with greater circles of knowledge and expertise. 

In massage, I’ve developed techniques and protocols to support people with Lymphoedema and functional lymphatic insufficiency which shows up as dense, tight or swollen tissue in broad areas of the body – often in lower legs, but also surprisingly often throughout the body. Optimizing the movement of lymph is critical for detoxification, healing and effectiveness of the immune system.

Everyone can benefit from this kind of boost as part of lifelong body maintenance and wellness. With a relentless desire to understand root causes of illness and dysfunction, I constantly strive to develop myself through personal research, experimentation and learning.

I have particular interest in Functional Nutrition as a foundation to wellness and the wonderous power of nature’s medicine, essential oils, to support therapeutic practices.

My privilege working at Muscle Sense with Sophia is learning new skills and observing the miracle of SI to alleviate pain, restore and maintain life-long mobility.

Brooke Agars

I’m a born and bred country girl! I recently completed a Diploma in Remedial Massage therapy over the course of 2020. This was actually a great distraction over the many ups and downs of the pandemic as there was minimal impact on our study.


I have always had an interest in the health industry and more so in the last couple years I’ve gained further interest in natural health and thinking about the body in a holistic way.


I’ve always had a passion for helping people and known I wanted to work in an industry that allows me to do so. I guess this is why the massage industry appealed to me as well as the many additional avenues that can be taken within the field. 


I am driven by learning new things and it is clear the industry is ever changing which excites me. Always looking for and finding better ways to help clients! I would really like to explore avenues of cupping, dry needling,  pregnancy massage and defiantly myofascial release.

I enjoy working with clients who are self aware and willing to help themselves. I really want to educate clients to promote healthy living habits and encourage longer lasting affects of my treatments.