Why MASSAGE sould be part of your RECOVERY!

Did you know that massage has the ability to alternate and enhance the cellular function in your soft tissue? This is what’s known as cellular stimulation. When delivered properly, massage therapy is a way to deliver mechanical stimuli to the soft tissue.

Massage has been proven to have a positive effect on collagen fibres in your body. COLLAGEN is the major repair material used to restore tissue after any trauma or inflammation. When you EXERCISE you are effectively breaking down and wearing/ tearing your muscles. Your body rebuilds the muscles you have used during the workout by forming new collagen fibres. Through many different massage techniques, your soft tissues within your muscles are able to heal more quickly by allowing these collagen fibres to regenerate. Not only does massage reduce your stress levels and feel great, but it also allows for quicker healing of your body so you can get on and enjoy your day pain-free!

RUN | JUMP | WALK | LIFT  +  MASSAGE = LESS pain, HEALTHIER muscle recovery!


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