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At muscle sense we don’t chase or treat symptoms, we treat postural patterns and allow people to experience their bodies differently by aligning their structure to give them a sense of openness they may have not felt in a long time. We have a passion and a strong drive to allow our clients to explore the best versions of themselves – this exploration is possible through our treatments.

Our clients are unique just as each treatment should be. Remedial Massage and Structural Integration gives clients an open library of new possibilities of movement and freedom to their bodies. Giving people small, slow changes to their movement and posture can greatly affect their mood and greatly affect their lives.

If you are struggling or unable to move out of pain, have poor movement, posture or just simply struggling with ongoing issues, Structural Integration may be the change you need to explore yourself differently to create long term change.


“Sophia is compassionate, professional and works absolute magic with her hands. She listens carefully to all your wants and needs and tailors a truly personalized service. I always come away from a massage with her feeling a million dollars. I could not recommend her more highly.” – Emily Menzel

Testimonial from Emily…

…My colourful body health history has made it difficult to find a remedial masseur who has been able to make a serious difference. Sophia has done just that. She was very professional, very good at helping understand what is happening with the muscles and her treatment has been really great…” – Roger Miller

Testimonial from Roger…

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